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  • Spring loaded design for comfortable and quick trimming.
  • Durable stainless steel with carbonized coating.
  • Ideal for delicate pruning in small aquariums and tight spaces
  • Dimensions : 15 cm (5.9 in)
  • Now includes a remote to control the lighting
  • Red, green and blue lighting
  • Integrated filtration system
  • Efficient water circulation pump
  • Removable cover


  • Wipe clean
  • Battery operated interactive cat toy
  • Spins crazily, sends out laser beams & drops treats
  • Provides hours of entertainment for your cat
  • Treats are automatically dispensed while your cat is playing
  • Requires two double AA batteries (not included)
  • Stretchy, cat-safe scrunchy
  • Bells
  • Colorful feathers
  • Thick, stretchy string
  • Brand: Dayang
  • The unique design of the runner running ball
  • Running the ball, seesaw, and rotating the slides in a variety of ways. 
  • The running ball can be taken separately and used alone, and the play is more enjoyable. 
  • The space design is reasonable, and there is a rotating ladder leading to the gym.
  • Size: 26 x 20 x 27cm (M-01), Size 33.5 x 25 x 28.8cm (M-02)
  • Contains a rich source of Timothy Hay
  • Contains optimal levels of fibre to support a healthy digestive system
  • Controlled level of calcium
  • 2x larger than the original EZ Care
  • 5 L (1.35 US gal) clear plastic cube aquarium with frame and EZ care feature
  • Decorative double-sided background
  • Decorative pebbles
  • Dimensions: 15.7 x 22.6 x 25.4 cm (6 x 8.8 x 10 in)
  • Provides your pet with a proper hideout space
  • Made of durable plastic
  • Stain and odor resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Works great with Living World Hamster Fluff
  • Pet stain + odor fighting formula 
  • Made with biodegradeable ingredients. No harsh chemicals or fumes 
  • Environmentally-friendly: recognized under the Ecologo program as a certified environmentally choice product 
  • Great for all types of organic protein stains 
  • 0.5 gallon cube; perfect for entry-level aquarist
  • Comes complete with everything necessary to get your betta's home started
  • Easy to maintain
  • Great gift idea for kids
  • Cage with opaque white bottom and orange retractable roof
  • Provides endless hours of entertainment for your small animal
  • Easy access and cleaning through retractable doors
  • Deep base design to keep litter inside
  • Fully expandable and ready to grow - limited only by your imagination
  • Contains every tool for daily grooming: nylon slicker brush, metal slicker brush, rubber palm brush, fine grooming comb, and curved nail clipper
  • The canister’s lid is a handy temporary container for loose cat hair
  • The tools are stored upright, which protects the brush pins
  • Grooming reduces the amount of shedding and is quality time spent with your cat
  • Made of BPA-Free Materials
  • More comfortable surface for your pet
  • Easy cleaning
  • Firm and solid
  • Rough surface to prevent slipping
  • Small : 40cmx27cm, Medium: 46.7x27cm, Large: 51.5x30cm
  •  Protects Floors and Carpets 
  •  Raised edge helps contain spills 
  •  Durable and easy to clean 
  •  For use with Dogit Clean Training Pads 
  • Dog Dental Treats are a safe and effective way to care for your dogs teeth between brushing
  • Help your dog feel great & happy
  • Specially formulated peppermint dental chews reduce tarter and plaque buildup on your pets teeth.
  • Suitable for all life stage
  • Made from well selected ingredients.
  • Soft, Silicone place mat; contains one dish
  • Flexible and easy to clean
  • Protects floors and counter Tops from spills
  • Hanging loop for easy drying or storage
  • Measures 17.5" x 11.4"
  • 400g Bag
  • Made with real chicken
  • For animal consumption only
  • For dogs
  • Life Stage: Puppy Small Breed
  • Health Consideration: Immune System, Skin & Coat
  • Flavor: Chicken, Oatmeal & Yams
  • Primary Ingredient: Chicken
  • Package Weight: 6 lbs
  • Brand: Dayang
  • Designed to home a wide variety of small animals
  • Large tubby base offers room for exercise and accessories
  • Extra deep 6 1/4'' tubby base
  • 2 large entry doors - one on top and one on the side
  • 33”L x 19”W x 17.5”H
  • With added tasty pellets
  • Fortified with vitamins and minerals
  • Great for foraging
  • High Quality
  • 1 kg
  • Reduces the amount of shedding and creates quality time spent with your cat
  • The Catit Longhair Grooming Kit contains every tool for daily grooming
  • The canister’s lid is a handy temporary container for loose cat hair
  • Made of BPA-Free Materials
  • Brand: Fluval
  • Medium to Large Fish
  • Goldfish Formula
  • Color enhancing
  • Naturally palatable
  • With Sustainable processes insects
  • Made in Canada
  • Great Taste
  • Better Skin & Coat
  • Perfect Balanced Diet
  • With Taurine, An Essential Amino Acid
  • DL-Methionine To Prevent Formation of Bladder Stone
  • Optimal Digestion
  • Duplicates natural living environment of hamsters
  • The add-ons offer a wide assortment
  • Allowing freedom travel, exercise, discover, burrow, hoard food & sleep
  • Provides hours of excitement for your furry friend
  • Comes with hinged cover, cage clip-on & scoop
  • Fit to all cages
  • Easy to clean
  • Soft, silicone place mat 
  • Flexible and easy to clean 
  • Protects floors and counter tops from spills 
  • Hanging loop for easy drying or storage 
  • Size: Medium 
  • Available in two colours: green and grey
  • Extra deep aluminum reflector dome increases light, UVA and UVB output significantly
  • Ideal for use with compact fluorescent and incandescent bulbs (PT2348: max. 75W/ PT2349: max. 160W)
  • With On/Off switch, 6ft (180 cm) power cord
  • Heat resistant porcelain socket
  • Measures 35cm L x 22cm W x18cm H.
  • Durable and strong
  • Suitable for adult rabbits, adult chinchilla, adult guinea pigs, ferret, galesaur or other animals is relatively large 
  • Potty train your small animal,makes the cage easier to keep clean.
  •  Optimal ventilation and air flow 
  •  Top Petting Door 
  •  Top Access Spring Locking Mechanism 
  •  Easy Assembly Side Latch System 
  •  Molded Waste Collection Gutter 
  •  Treat compartment with food / water Bowl 
  •  Meets airline regulations (with permanent screws / tie wraps) 
  •  Also suitable for cats 
  • Convenient and effective tool for cleaning and maintaining a spotless aquarium
  • Easy-start valve automatically begins siphoning with a simple up and down motion
  • Generates a continuous flow of water that effectively sucks up dirt and debris and returns clean gravel back to the bottom of the aquarium
  • The largest Habitrail OVO environment on the market and it comes with a steel top grill door
  • Provides endless hours of entertainment for your small animal
  • Easy access and cleaning through retractable doors
  • Deep base design to keep litter inside
  • The steel door gives a sleek, modern look and feel