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  • New and improved design with increased stability
  • Smart toy that stimulates cats to work for their food
  • Made of BPA-Free Materials
  • Provides 3 difficulty levels
  • Easy to disassemble and clean
  • nstant wet cat treats for all life stages
  • SC73 - Ciao Chu-ru Sasami
  • SC79 - Ciao Chu-ru Chicken Fillet & Squid
  • SC126 - Ciao Chu-ru Chicken Fillet & Scallop Flavour
  • SC128 - Ciao Chu-ru Chicken Fillet Seafood Mix
  • Made with Real Lamb
  • Excellent digestability
  • Proper cooking for sustained energy
  • Optimum skin & coat formula
  • High quality protein source
  • 2.5kg Repack
  • Ideal for preventing your furniture from getting scratched
  • Hiding place with front and back opening so your cat won't feel cornered
  • High-quality finish and replaceable parts
  • Stylish and convenient
  • Size : 36 x 36.5 x 40.5 cm (14.17" x 14.37" x 15.94") (L x W x H)
  • Life Stage: Puppy Small Breed
  • Health Consideration: Immune System, Skin & Coat
  • Flavor: Chicken, Oatmeal & Yams
  • Primary Ingredient: Chicken
  • Package Weight: 6 lbs
  • Nutrafin Cycle
  • New aquarium setups, so that you can introduce fish to new aquariums immediately.
  • Cycle is an all-natural product that will not harm plants, animals or humans.
  • It does not require refrigeration. For fresh and saltwater use.
  • 2 Liter
  • Extra deep aluminum reflector dome increases light, UVA and UVB output significantly
  • Ideal for use with compact fluorescent and incandescent bulbs (PT2348: max. 75W/ PT2349: max. 160W)
  • With On/Off switch, 6ft (180 cm) power cord
  • Heat resistant porcelain socket
  • This litter scoop is specially designed for use with silica litter beads
  • The scoops large bowl design allows the consumer to scoop up greater quantities of litter at a time
  • The over-sized holes permit the litter to sift through easily, while still retaining the debris
  • Measures 3-1/2-inch length by 6-1/5-inch width by 12-1/2-inch height
  • Formulated with Natural Botanicals and Vitamin B5 to reduce non-seasonal shedding.
  • Includes 100% Oatmeal Extract and Aloe Vera - ingredients commonly recommended by Veterinarians to soothe the skin.
  • 100% dye free, paraben free, alcohol free, phosphate free, pthalate free and biodegradable.
  • pH balanced with no artificial colors.
  • Innovative sliding doors allow easy access to your pet and makes feeding and cleaning a breeze.
  • Air vents provide air circulation while preventing drafts.
  • Front and back locks ensure your pet remains securely inside the home.
  • Rounded corners help prevent gnawing and make cleaning easy.
  • Contains water bottle, food dish and exercise wheel.               
  • Litter pellets for small pets, such as cats, rabbits, hamsters, chinchillas, ferrets, guinea-pigs and birds
  • Ideal on its own, mixed with another litter or or as an additional litter
  • Ecological: 100% pure plant fibres
  • High absorbency
  • Traps and retains moisture effectively
  • VitalPlus Cat Dry Food is a complete and balanced food for cats of all breeds.
  • It is made with real meat of high biological value and energy dense selected quality proteins with vitamin and minerals the cats required for a healthy life.
  • Our Chicken recipe contains highly digestible carbohydrates to aid in digestion and help preventing intestinal disorder.
  • Weight : 1kg
  • Establishes and maintains a clean and healthy aquarium environment
  • Supports a vibrant aquarium life
  • Does not affect pH, KH and general hardness levels
  • Use as an everyday filter media or to remove specific toxic metals and organic compounds
  • Complete and Balanced Nutrition
  • Made with Natural Ingredients
  • Naturally Preserved
  • Ideal for All Dogs
  • Natural Lamb Meal (All Life Stage)
  • Weight : 2kg ++ (Expired Date : 2020)
  • Spring loaded design for comfortable and quick trimming.
  • Durable stainless steel with carbonized coating.
  • Ideal for delicate pruning in small aquariums and tight spaces
  • Dimensions : 15 cm (5.9 in)
  • Great Taste
  • Better Skin & Coat
  • Perfect Balanced Diet
  • With Taurine, An Essential Amino Acid
  • DL-Methionine To Prevent Formation of Bladder Stone
  • Optimal Digestion
  • Traps particles and debris; Tailored fit prevents bypass
  • Designed to fit the AquaClear 20 filter
  • Suitable for aquariums between 5 to 20 gallons
  • 3-pack; Economical way to purchase inserts
  • The soft, anti-snag nylon mesh is also ideally suited for handling fish. The plastic-coated handle ensures a safe, comfortable grip.
  • Marina Fish Nets are indispensible and convenient tools to have around your aquarium.
  • The nets are made of a tightly woven mesh that is ideal for skimming the surface of the aquarium.
  • Floating Turtle pellets with gammarus shrimp for all turtles and terrapins
  • Helps prevent shell softening
  • Easily consumed by turtles
  • Help to control turtles messy eating habits
  • Contains multiple calcium sources for a hard shell
  • 360g
  • With added natural omega-3 oil to help promote a healthy skin and silky coat 
  • It is also suitable as a delicious topping to enhance the flavour of dry food
  • 3 Cans
  • Papaya Treat are made from real fruit
  • Papaya Treat are an interactive
  • Healthful way to give your pet enrichment in a special treat.
  • Natural source of antioxidants and supports the passage of hairballs.
  • Unsulphured and a great source of Vitamin C.
  • Great Taste
  • Better Skin & Coat
  • Perfect Balanced Diet
  • With Taurine and Essential Amino Acid
  • Weight : 500g
  • MADE In EU
  • Soft, silicone place mat 
  • Flexible and easy to clean 
  • Protects floors and counter tops from spills 
  • Hanging loop for easy drying or storage 
  • Size: Medium 
  • Available in two colours: green and grey
  • Double sided for detailed or wider coverage aquascaping.
  • Long lasting stainless steel with carbonized coating.
  • Ideal for detailing and leveling all substrates.
  • Dimensions : 32 cm (12.6 in)
  • Comes in a 1230g size
  • Listing is for a case of 12
  • Easy to digest
  • Contains essential nutrients for a complete balanced diet
  • Added omega 3 for healthy skin and silky coat
  • For all life stages
  • New CATIT
  • Treat tubes
  • Pyramid forest
  • Treat cave
  • Slower feeder bubbles
  • Small wire bird cage for budgies, canaries, lovebirds and finches
  • Cage detaches from base for fast, easy cleaning
  • Debris guard helps keep waste inside cage
  • Single height; Equipped with terracotta perches and food/water dishes
  • 17 inches long x 31 inches wide x 22 inches high
  • Optimal ventilation and air flow 
  • Top Petting Door 
  • Access Spring Locking Mechanism for Right or Left (Both Side)
  • Easy Assembly Side Latch System 
  • Molded Waste Collection Gutter 
  • Also suitable for cats, dog and small animals
  • Colour: white base with blue top. 
  • Size: 52cm L x 32cm W x 34cm H
  • Free Floor Tray / Raised Floor
  • The water bottles should be refilled daily with fresh water.
  • Periodic cleaning with tepid, soapy water is recommended, just rinse thoroughly before refilling with fresh water.
  • For Rabbits, Puppies and other small pets.
  • Habitrail Retreat is a main habitat unit that serves as a safe and secure central living area for hamsters
  • Habitrail Retreat is completely compatible with all other Habitrail items
  • The cage is made of plastic and wiring for both durability and excellent air circulation