Hari Tropican High Performance Formula With Higher Nutrient Levels Parrot Biscuits Food - 680g
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  • Suitable for Parrots who are: Young, weaning & fledgling, requiring higher protein & fat, breeding, molting, in flighted aviaries, undergoing a diet conversion from a seed based diet.
  • Natural transition from the Tropican Hand-Feeding formula
  • Premium daily nutrition with higher nutrient levels
  • Balanced calcium and vitamin D for proper egg formation and bone health
  • Contains no artificial preservatives, colors and flavors
  • Weight : 680g

Hari Tropican High Performance Formula With Higher Nutrient Levels Parrot Biscuits Food - 680g


Tropican High Performance Formula provides proper daily nutrition for weaning, fledgling and breeding Parrots or for Parrots that require a heartier diet.

Did you know that High Performance Formula for Parrots …

  • Is a natural transition from the Hand-Feeding formula
  • Contains no artificial preservatives, colors and flavors
  • Is a full balanced diet that is fortified with vitamins and minerals so an additional supplement is not required
  • Contains a blend of multi grains with peanuts for high palatability
  • Contains natural omega fatty acids from flaxseed
  • Contains balanced calcium and vitamin D for proper egg formation and bone health
  • Contains essential amino acid combination to promote optimal growth and feather development
  • Encourages natural foraging
  • Comes in multi size morsels and shapes to satisfy a wide range of species (granules, sticks and biscuits)
  • Contains a higher caloric value and is a hearty diet for outdoor flighted aviaries

Unique Formulation for Optimal Growth and Feather Development

A High Performance diet meets the higher requirements for breeding (parental egg laying and rearing of young) and growing Parrots (hand-feeding from hatch).
It’s an excellent peanut-derived source of fat and protein, as well as a source of essential grains that complement amino acid profiles; all critical for feather and muscle development. A rich source of Omega fatty acids from flaxseed, peanuts and sunflower seeds makes feathers shine and helps support a healthy body.

Nutrient Density and Digestibility

One of the major differences between Tropican High Performance Parrot food and other products is our significantly higher fat level. When we fed other products to our birds, they developed wet, smelly droppings. These products are basically glorified farm pellets and probably are least cost formulated like poultry feed (they actually look like chicken feed). These products have minimal levels of essential fatty acids and amino acids.

HARI decided to increase the caloric density of our formula with more fat, so that the bird would have to eat and drink less.
Our guaranteed fat level in the High Performance diet is a minimum 11%. This is about twice the fat found in other pellets. HARI has had no obesity problems but more importantly has no skinny birds either.
Other breeders who use diets with the lower fat levels report skinny African Greys and Cockatoos unless they supplement these pellets with oil seeds such as sunflower. Any pellet that has to be supplemented with oil seeds or fruits can hardly be called complete.

Protein Levels

Birds, like all animals, eat to balance their energy needs. When comparing the protein versus dietary energy of Tropican High Performance Parrot food with other bird food, the levels are similar. Although the percent of protein in the diets is different, so is the available energy level. Since Tropican Parrot food has a higher caloric density, birds eat less of it. The amount of protein consumed and used by the bird is actually less with Tropican due its higher fat levels. This also reduces the amount of protein the bird must use for energy. Metabolic water is a by-product of fat metabolism reducing water intake. When protein is broken down and used as an energy source, the uric acid by-product must be excreted by the kidney which can be stressful.


Parrots have significantly more taste buds than chickens, so why do many diets look and taste like chicken feed? Unlike farm pellets these granules break cleanly and do not explode into fine powder like pellets do. The Parrot is able to hold the rest of the morsel and eat the piece it broke off. Again this difference results in a benefit to the consumer as significantly less wastage is associated with Tropican Parrot food.

Some bird owners find it hard to feed their bird uniform, formulated diets. Tropican’s generous levels of important nutrients allow it to be diluted (up to 20 percent on a weight basis) by the addition of fruits and vegetables. Tropican is a hard, dense morsel which parrots enjoy biting into. Tropican High Perfomance granules, sticks or biscuits ensure that fussy eaters get a full balanced diet. Since Tropican incorporates vitamins and minerals, a vitamin supplement is not needed.

Proudly Canadian Made

We are very proud of Tropican’s outstanding 30+ year tradition of raising thousands of parrots over several generations at HARI. At a time when most bird food companies have shut their research centers, HARI continues its ongoing work on the research and development of advanced bird nutrition. In fact, HARI is the longest-standing research facility dedicated to studying the care and breeding of parrots.

Tropican uses only the freshest grains and legumes from the most recent crops.

Ingredients are sourced locally, which means consumers get fresher food faster. In addition, the fact that it’s now made in close geographical proximity to HARI, located in Rigaud, means quicker turnaround times for final HARI quality assurance approvals and enhanced freshness-to-market efficiencies.

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  • 1 x Hari Tropican High Performance Formula With Higher Nutrient Levels Parrot Food - 680g

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