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Airscream Charger for Airspop Vape Pod
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  • Airscream Airspops Charger
Airscream Charger for Airspop Vape Pod
AIRSCREAM, a lifestyle brand made with you in mind.
It is built for today, delivering limitless taste & experiences for tomorrow! 
We desire memorable moments, we crave for unexpected discoveries. With AIRSCREAM, you share our vision and mission in creating a positive journey for all the hardworking, ambitions and creative people around us. If you are destined for something great, let AIRSCREAM guide you towards that success. 
Together, let’s bring positivity to everyone around us with our invaluable products catered for everyone as well as smokers. 
Introducing AirsPops, AIRSCREAM’s e-cigarette exclusively available today.
It’s time to get rid of those Cigarettes!!!
AirsPops is an awesome tasting vape product at an amazing price!
Who doesn’t love food? When it’s your favorite food flavor, you want to taste it, right? We present ourselves as your go to place when it comes to enjoying tasty flavors that you love and desire the most!
Call us your food guide. With “AirsPops”, you get plenty of flavors to choose from! Our flavors come from many parts of the world. You can try flavors you know well or try out new flavors that might be your favorite too! 
Join us to explore your flavor options as we wish nothing but to satisfy your cravings!
• Ceramic coil 
• Magnetic charger 
• Short-circuit protection
• No Leaking
• Lasting Battery
• USB charging port
• Led light battery indicator
• Award Winning (Best Pod System)
• United Kingdom
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